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Welcome To PortageCartage.ca, Premium Movers in Winnipeg

Portage Cartage & Storage is a moving company Winnipeg really trusts.

A little history on the company takes us back to the time when French voyageurs had to carry their canoes on their heads as they cut through land between the many waterways they came across as they explored Canada.

Canadians had a term for that: “portage” which meant “to carry.”

The original owner Herb Netwig saw that word fitting as a name for a Winnipeg-area moving company. “Cartage,” the other part of the name, means “transporting using a cart” which was also befitting. Since customers also had a need for us to hold their belongings for short periods of time, we added “Storage” to our name – and that was the birth of Portage Cartage & Storage.

Now that we are a Winnipeg moving company, we have grown from our very first warehouse in Portage la Prairie, Manitoba, to a mover that serves the whole of North America thanks to the incredible service we offer through Mayflower Van Lines. Yet we retain at our core our small-town roots of being movers in Winnipeg and the surrounding communities (Portage la Prairie included!).

The growth of Portage Cartage & Storage

We have grown to what we are because of the many referrals given by clients who have used us, which we equate to customer satisfaction.

Whatever service you require from us, we strive to give you the best of us. From moving the valuable items in your home to commercial moving services, few projects are too big for us to handle.

From the beginning, Portage Cartage was all about giving value to our customers.

We have the experience and great track record of good service. We are known to provide the best when it comes to helping you move your household items in Manitoba, Canada, the United States of America and around the globe.

Not only do we move household items, we can help you move offices, commercial products, or industrial equipment. No task has ever been considered difficult. We strive to do all these with a smile on our faces and with profound care for your items.

We also have a 90,000 square foot storage facility at your disposal if you find yourself in need of storage space. This facility is affordable and has various options for household and commercial storage needs.

It is a climate controlled, fully secure facility, offering ample palletized, racking, and floor space for whatever you need to store.

Simply put, the following are the services we provide:

  • Moving services in Manitoba, Canada, USA and internationally
  • Storage facilities that is secure and heated
  • Distribution services for your products

A proud moment for us was in 2005 when we became the first in Canada to be agents for Mayflower. It was an easy decision as we both shared the same philosophy, which is to provide boundless service and value to our customers.

We would not be who we are without the hard work of our committed staff. They do their jobs with pride and put a lot of consideration on your time and items, handling them both with care.

We have kept up with the rising need for our services, and today our fleet is among the largest in Canada; fully modernized and up-to-date.

We know what it takes to do the job right. Let us help you.