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IT Equipment Movers

IT Equipment Movers in Winnipeg

IT equipment moving specialists

Portage Cartage & Storage has a team of professional and experienced Information Technology equipment movers in Winnipeg who can help you in relocating your IT infrastructure.

Whether your IT equipment is as complicated as a large data center or a massive server room full of hardware, consider Portage Cartage & Storage as your technology moving specialist.

We have years of expertise in this field, and have the necessary knowledge, skills, and equipment to move your equipment safely and efficiently.

Before moving IT equipment:

  • Consider that your network infrastructure is vital to the operation of your business. Be wary of a IT moving company that sells itself on its low rates rather than the quality of its work.
  • Have a clear list of the IT equipment that will need to be moved. Provide us with any manufacturer guidelines on how to move your specific IT hardware.
  • Before moving IT equipment, walk the path your pieces will need to take at the old location and and the new one. Many buildings have been constructed without consideration of the size of modern IT equipment and infrastructure. Consider logistics like overhead clearance, doorway size, elevator access, and security clearance.

Portage Cartage & Storage’s difference in moving IT equipment:

  • Our experience in moving Winnipeg’s IT equipment is unmatched. We do the job right, and we stand behind our work. 
  • We have a large fleet of fully equipped tailgate lift trucks to accommodate level lifting of tilt-sensitive equipment.
  • Our professional IT equipment moving employees are trained well and love their jobs. Consider what will happen to your RAID array if it’s put in the care of an amateur who’d rather be sailing.

Trust Portage Cartage & Storage for relocation of your valuable IT hardware. Call us today to arrange a quote!


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It Equipment movers in Winnipeg

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