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Technician Services

Technician Services in Winnipeg

Technician Services in Winnipeg

New Equipment Configuration / Old Equipment Decommissioning

Clients rely on us to deliver office equipment, which requires us to unbox new units and perform preliminary set-up on them before delivering them to the end users. Each machine is connected to the network for firmware updates and pre-configuration, and accessories are attached so that upon delivery the machine is ready for use almost immediately. Our technicians have training and experience on many models of photocopiers and printers.

Often the delivery of a new unit requires the pickup of an old unit. These units are brought back to our warehouse technicians for decommissioning, which includes data wiping in accordance with PIPEDA and FIPPA, disassembly, and preparation for transport. The units are then batched for return to the manufacturer for refurbishment or recycling.


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