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Medical Movers

Medical Movers in Winnipeg

Medical Movers in Winnipeg

Top Rated Medical Equipment Movers in Winnipeg

Portage Cartage & Storage has done work for many Winnipeg hospital moves. Our team of professional and uniformed movers has extensive experience to make medical service moving both efficient and effective.

We are committed to providing world-class service & support, and we take pride in our reputation as the best medical movers in Winnipeg.

Portage Cartage & Storage’s experienced and intuitive medical equipment movers help to move your high-value medical products. Our experience is vast: we can move hospital beds, we can move x-ray machines, we can move MRIs, we can move CT scanners… you get the idea.

We also have experience in other medical fields like doctor’s office moving, labratory moving, dental chair moving, chiropractic bed moving, and medical administrative facility moving.

Our team expertly manages these type of moves, allowing medical facilities to resume operations with the least amount of downtime possible.

This includes coordinating with vendors, hospital administrations, department heads, and all other personnel responsible for the successful move of the medical equipment. 

We understand that Winnipeg medical equipment movers have to bear in mind the high value and delicate nature of the equipment.

Trust Portage Cartage & Storage for your next medical move in Winnipeg.

  • We are experienced with hospital moves
  • Fully insured and bonded
  • Professionally trained staff
  • We take all measures to protect the medical facilities and sensitive equipment.
  • The size of the job doesn’t matter: we can handle full hospital ward moves or the simple delivery of a few beds.

We understand the challenges of moving high-value medical equipment: sensitive machines, high-value electronics, confidential files, office furniture & equipment.

We have the experience and staff needed to transport your medical equipment securely and efficiently.

Contact us now to speak to a medical equipment moving specialist!

Medical Equiment Movers Winnipeg

Let The Professionals Do The Heavy Lifting

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