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Moving Overseas

Overseas Moving

Portage Cartage & Storage doesn’t count the distance while moving, be it the interprovincial, international, or overseas – providing a stress-free service is our goal.

As Winnipeg movers with years of experience moving internationally, we understand the emotional stress a person faces while shifting to places. We guide our international moving customers through the complicated overseas moving process as efficiently as possible.

Our dedicated professionals work day and night for customer satisfaction.

We are trained to carry out every project strictly following the industry’s best practices. 

Our special features in overseas moving Winnipeg include:

  • On-time delivery
  • Expert packing, minimizing the risk of transport damage
  • Assistance with customs documentation
  • Safety and security of your belongings

Stop worrying! We are the best overseas moving company in Winnipeg.

A move overseas can be an exciting time! We will make it possible for you to enjoy your precious moments with your loved ones. Let us worry about the packing, container loading, rail transport, ocean freighter booking, customs, and final delivery and unpacking of your items.

Every step is crucial…..

  • Your precious household items will be subjected to being loaded onto a train to reach the coast, lifted hundreds of feet into the air at a shipping yard, lowered and secured onto a container ship, voyaging across the ocean, again lifted by giant machines at destination, placed onto a train and/or truck, and driven to your new home. If there’s any space in your boxes or your shipping container for items to shift, damage is likely. We know how to pack your boxes and load the container to mitigate the risk of transportation damage.
  • Some items may need special packaging or crating, and we can handle that.
  • We’re not just movers. We are customer service professionals who are committed to doing the job right the first time, because there are no do-overs in moving.
  • It’s vital that you comply with all customs requirements as an exporter and as an importer. If you don’t, you could face stiff fines or even seizure of your goods. We know that arena well and can guide you through it.
  • We don’t control the other end of the delivery process, but we take steps to make it as easy as possible for the movers in your destination country to reassemble your furniture.


Moving Overseas

Let The Professionals Do The Heavy Lifting

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