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About Us

What’s In A Name?

When Portage Cartage & Storage was founded in 1948, original owner Herb Netwig took advantage of the uniquely Canadian meaning of the word Portage. In the early days of European exploration, French voyageurs would carry their canoes on their heads when taking a shortcut over land between waterways. This was called a portage, which means “to carry.”

Portage la Prairie, MB was where our first warehouse opened, and the town was named for a 20 mile portage between the Assiniboine River and Lake Manitoba, over la prairie.

Since carrying things with one’s hands is an integral part of moving, Portage made sense as the root of a business name. Cartage refers to the transportation of items in a cart or other vehicle. Marrying those two words with Storage for the triple -age wordplay was impossible to resist.

Portage cartage & Storage Winnipeg

Our Core Values

Solid character and integrity forms the foundation of Portage Cartage & Storage.  We are committed in our resolve to uphold our employees, customers, and community.

We are a best practices organization providing specialized transportation, and packaging  services both domestically, and internationally.

We seek to provide value, quality, excellence, and innovation in fulfilling the needs of our customers.


Giving Our Best

Not everyone can be a superstar, but everyone can strive to be and do the very best that they are capable of. It is unacceptable to give any less than our very best. For the customer this means giving what has been promised, plus one.

Respecting Others

Excellence cannot exist unless you have great togetherness. Treating fellow community members with respect and dignity.  In problem situations, resolve must always be sought in a way that builds and does not tear down.


Doing what is right

It is right to be honest and fair in all the affairs that we will encounter through the various company duties. Integrity is of vital importance to our success. Opportunities will always present themselves for each Community Member to do the wrong thing.  (Sell fuel, falsify logs and information, steal, lie to your dispatcher, etc.) Before you do anything – ask yourself “is this the right thing to do?”

Finding Better Ways

Finding more efficient ways to deliver on our commitments.

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