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Moving Between CAN and USA

Moving Canada to Usa

So you’re moving from Canada to the USA, land of opportunity!

Whether you’re moving for work, snowbirding, or returning home after an extended stay across the border, getting you and your family safely to home to another country is our top priority.

Portage Cartage & Storage has vast knowledge, trained staff, customs experts, and qualified cross-border moving trucks and trailers to make sure that your international move proceeds without as few difficulties as possible.

When you hire Portage Cartage & Storage, your cross-border move will be on-time and on-budget.

Of the many Winnipeg moving companies, few lack the expertise needed to make a move to the US happen safely and efficiently. Portage Cartage & Storage has the expertise and the experience to arrange all the details of your cross-border move.

Regulations to Keep in Mind while Moving to the U.S


All used household good shipments entering the U.S must be accompanied by the Department of Homeland Security and Border Protection form No. 3299. This document allows you to ship all your personal household possessions into the U.S. freely.

A supplemental declaration providing the information about the contents is also necessary. We can provide that documentation if needed.

If the reports are completed incorrectly or are incomplete, there will be complications. Moving to the US is far more involved than travelling across the border for a weekend shopping trip. We can provide assistance with this complicated process.

If you have any questions regarding moving to U.S. give us a call. We’ll be happy to assist you.

Moving Canada to USA

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