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The Best Residential Movers Winnipeg Has To Offer

For many years, we have moved your friends, neighbours, and relatives all over Winnipeg and rural Manitoba.

We are the leading local moving company in Winnipeg with a large, modern fleet of trucks and trained, dedicated employees skilled in the art of moving household items safely and efficiently. 

Ask around: we have an established reputation as a top-notch professional moving service provider with excellent customer care. We are accustomed to exceeding our customers’ expectations across our full suite of moving services.

If you’re looking for local Winnipeg moving companies, look no further. Portage Cartage & Storage can do the job and do it right at a competitive price. 

Very few movers can sustain repeated business like Portage Cartage & Storage. We have seen our customers coming back over and over again. 47.9% of our business comes from past customers, or referrals from past customers. 

Hiring a moving company is something most people do infrequently, so with every move we do, we aim for your repeat business down the road. No matter how many years later you need our services again, we are always available for your next move. 

What sets apart us from other movers in Winnipeg?

It’s true most Winnipeg movers can help you move your belongings, but we move your life altogether.

We believe that your memories, cherished belongings, and heirlooms are what make a complete house or apartment truly a home.

We don’t just see it as “belongings” and neither do you. 

It doesn’t just require a truck to call yourself a mover.

It takes experience and heart to care properly for other people’s keepsakes.

All day, we think about moving. All day, we talk about moving. All night, we dream about moving. This is our life, our livelihood. We take moving very seriously.

Our quotes are affordable, our operations staff ensures everything is in order, we show up on time, we arrange the services as required, and the administration staff ensures the charges are correct. In the event of a claim, our customer care team stands ready to assist.

We have the best trained, most professional, highly tenured staff of any of the movers in Winnipeg.

Quality moving is not all about having a truck, but having experience, a commitment to excellence, and a customer satisfaction guarantee.

Let The Professionals Do The Heavy Lifting

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