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Packaging & Crating

Packaging & Crating in Winnipeg

Crating in Winnipeg

Portage Cartage & Storage offers professional packaging and crating services in Winnipeg.

Do you have a large glass table top going across the country? An imported statue to adorn your storefront? Slate from your custom-made billiards table? An antique motorcycle being shipped overseas? A generator going to the Arctic on a barge? Farm implements going to dealers Down Under? Items like these can’t just be wrapped up in blankets. To be safe for transport, they need to have a crate built to fit them, with professional packaging teams to secure them inside.

We’ve been doing custom packaging and custom crating for decades, with shipments going to Australia, Japan, Russia, India, Canada’s Arctic regions… it’s a long list. We love building custom crates, whether it’s a small crate for the mirror on the back of your dresser, or a massive crate for a set of grain augers.

Why Us for Packaging and Crating in Winnipeg?

  • Custom-made crating and packaging solutions, done locally in Winnipeg.
  • Your shipped items will have protection from external damage.
  • ISPM-15 certification
  • Decades of experience

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Packaging & Crating in Winnipeg

Let The Professionals Do The Heavy Lifting

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